Thursday, December 24, 2009

A minor Christmas miracle...

And so its Christmas..... to be true i was feeling a bit down actualy, i came down with (another) cold Tuesday so i spent the last two days in a hazy NyQuil daze, sleeping 20hrs a day and feeling like crap.

Its cold and gray with no snow on the horizon for the holidays, but today i awoke somewhat recharged, settled in for another lazy day in front of the monitor (tv is so passe) watching old reruns and "white Christmas", and what do you know a minor Christmas miracle came to pass!!!!

Just as the film came to end in all its snowy golden hearted goodness, i peaked out the window and it had started to snow in down town Toronto!!!! ahhh....

So i hopped on my bike and went for a little 2hr spin along the water front and along back streets. It felt good to get out and about leaving trails in the snow on my bianchi, dreaming of the hot coffee and baileys i was going to neck when i got back into the warm

Might even do the same tomorrow, what else can you do on a winters day in canada!!!

Anyway happy Christmas and all that shizel..Heres to happy trails for the up coming year. hopefully it'll be a little less traumatic than last year!!!

Oh and here's some retro pointy breasts as my gift to the world...apparently they are coming back in. Time will see i guess. Can't wait.....

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