Tuesday, December 8, 2009

only the hard core!!!

Do you remember that famous ride by Andy Hampsten in the 88 Giro d'Italia?

A brutal stage over the mountians in the snow.

Well thats just around the corner for us riders in the snowy north.

Not satisfied with sub zero temperatures mother nature is planning the first winter storm of the year tonight, with about 10cm of snow and blowing winds.

Which should make my morning commute pretty interesting to say the least...

And then to top it all off its meant to start to rain by the afternoon, and then the temperature will drop below zero for the night time, which will make the next mornings commute even more treacherous...yee haa!!!

This is where you start to figure out just how much you want it!

Anyway crappy cold day at work wadding around in near freezing mud ( so some snow will make a nice change) followed by a trip to the gym, leg pressing 550lbs, only 50lbs more before I reach my target weight for the season.... beefcake!!!

Just for shitz and giggles here how they do in the peleton, old skool stylee!

And the power files from the weekends donut rides as promised....unfortunately sometimes I forget to press start after a short stop so I sometimes miss sections out of the over all ride..

oh well sue me! and if you don't hear from me again go look for me in a snow drift some time in spring.

laterz kids!



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