Sunday, November 15, 2009

A good day at the office!!!

So after more than a few weeks lolling around on the weekends with out the motivation to get out and train that much I finally dragged my sorry ass out to do the donut ride this morning.

I always resist doing that ride but today i gave way and for a change even started from the beginning instead of half way into it.

And actually I kind of preferred it that way.

I hooked up with Rob, my boss and fellow racer and he led me through the rabbit warren of houses to the start location. Grabbed a muffin from the bakery for breakfast and some cookies for later on and with about 100 or so riders out on a damp, misty but unseasonably warm morning we set off.

The donut is a local ride populated by Toronto's riders and racers. It can be pretty unforgiving at times and the timid need not apply. You got to be prepared to bump a few shoulders at times to keep your position so as not to get boxed in or spat out the back of the group.

With the help of some natty team tactics I won all three!!!!

The ride is punctuated by several sprints at predetermined road side road signs and competition for the win can be pretty fierce. So the fact that, with the help of some natty team tactics, I won all three of them today makes me pretty chuffed with myself.

All the more so as the first of the three was completely unplanned! I saw Rob go off the front a long way out, so when no one followed him I jumped the gap myself. Now with a good 20 bike lengths advantage, Rob provided me with a great launch pad to kick for the line! By the time anyone realised what was up it was too late and I took it by about 2-3 bike lengths.

The next was somewhat easier, once Rob enlightened me to the actual marker for the finish I hopped onto a passing well and came out from behind to grab number two.

The final one was the most satisfactory though. As the pack started to wind up Rob pointed out the competition, saying in whispered tones "that guys a wheel suck he'll sit on your wheel all the way and come out strong for the last 100m, if you go long he'll be fucked!" (or words to that effect)

So what do I find about 400m out? that very guy sat on my ass waiting for me to kick. I wanted to go but knew that if I went I'd just pull him to the line so I eased up slightly, still maintaining a good position in the pack.

As soon as I saw from the corner of my eye him drift out from behind me to the right looking for another wheel to follow, I kicked out hard to the left of the pack, from about 8-9 back and put the hammer down all the way to the finish, winning the last sprint. Topping out at about 47mph.

Three for three, with more than just a little assistance from Rob on each and every one,

Some things just feel good.

OK I also have my powertap fitted now as well so the link below provides the some what more detailed info on my ride.

Today was 75 miles, about 2700cal burned and a whole lot of fun....

heres my ride.

Happy Sabbath campers!

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