Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Heres my main bike getting esembled by my friend Lee in Atlanta Georgia:

i bought the parts online via ebay, craigslist and various online stores.

Its a LITESPEED titanium frame with carbon forks and Campagnolo Chorus components.

She's a great ride and super tough and durable (good seeing as how i crashed 5 times during last season.)

She great and responsive on the tarmac, and just as happy on dirt tracks north of the city. I even took It (inadvertently all be it) on a 30 miles back country fire break adventure as part of a 90 mile loop 4hrs north of Toronto and ended up fording rivers and getting eaten alive by bugs).

i learnt that day not to always trust my garmin GPS, the old basic base maps showed a road heading north between two larger roads so i took it only to end up quite literally in the middle of no where! thinking well i had better just keep going as after 15 miles of it getting progressively worse and worse, i figured it was going to be just as bad to keep going as to have to turn around and ride the same tortuous 15miles back to the main road again.

oh happy days.... anyway i guess I'm trying to say it can stand some abuse and come up smiling!

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