Saturday, November 21, 2009

team 67(?)

OK so finally after some long negotiations and a bit of sitting in the corner with naughty boys cap on it looks like I'm going to be racing with my old team again next season.

However this time round we are hoping to ramp things up somewhat, expand the team roster and acquire some financial backing, to off set the cost of drinking beer after Thursday night club rides, and lesser things like entry fee's and the like.

And although nothing has been signed as of yet at the moment its looking hopeful that a major Canadian beer company might be coming on board to offer a helping hand. And if that manifests we are looking at a new team kit, sponsored bikes for the riders and who knows what else.

Of course personally more than free stuff, what I'm most excited about is the opportunity to develop and race as a team with my friends next spring and summer.

Now its up to the rest of us to drum up support, and a few extra "roulers" and set our sites on the upcoming season.

watch this space......

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