Saturday, November 14, 2009

a chance to sleep, per chance to dream...

There is something about getting older that I'm learning to appreciate as well as become slightly disconcerted by....
Oh! joy upon joy, the chance to steal a afternoon siesta!

The fact that the more I train and struggle to live my life at Mach 5, the more I appreciate the feeling I get from a good nights sleep, or Oh joy upon joy the chance to steal a afternoon siesta!

No longer do I want to head out clubbing all night, chasing young women and generally getting all Tom Boonen on your arse! If I manage to get to bed by 10.30 on a week night I spend the next day floating around on a natural high, that would probably be prohibited by the UCI if they realised what an advantage it afforded me.

This is a hard concept for me to grasp, having been somewhat of a party animal for most of my youth and a definite night owl. Part of me feels like I'm losing out on something.

But i guess that just the reluctance to accept the inevitability of gradual cellular disintegration.

lIfE iS Just ToO cONfuSIng sOMetimEs......

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