Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cold winds, warm sun, sore legs and a happy heart

So after my hospital appointment i bunked off work and headed up north, for the first time in ages.

it was a chilly 1c when i got up but by the time i headed out it was closer to 5c.

As usual the wind always seemed to be coming straight towards you, but that's Ontario for you.

Still the crisp clean air and blue skies punctuated by the odd cloud and the fall sun made up for it.

I planned on doing a couple of E2 intervals but my legs had other ideas, I had a couple of hard days in the gym in the days before the ride, so when I awoke I could barely walk properly, I think the 5 sets of 20 reps on the leg press @ 400lb are getting the better of me.

anyway it felt good to go on a longer ride than the usual jaunt to work and back or down to the spit, hopefully i'll get a longer ride in on Saturday or Sunday weather permitting!

winter is , after all, just around the corner!

heres my ride details.

Mas tarde


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