Sunday, February 7, 2010

120km with 20min threshold test on Mt Lemon.

So today was day five 120km ride that i fitted a 20 min TT to test my FTP for the first time of the year.

Not ideal testing conditions due to the previous days hard ride (normally you are meant to have 2 days off the bike) but i felt i wanted to see where i was at and although it wasn't quite what i had hoped for i was pretty happy to see that i was actually about 20w above my level this time last year. So by all intense and purposes i'm doing pretty well.

Gotta watch that ego!!!

My weight is down, my relative power is up the two together mean that my power to weight ratio will be even higher, nice!

Anyway the ride up Mt lemon was awesome, actually the ride down, the ride up hurt like a mutha fecker! but a nice 60+kmph descent for 6 miles made up for it, along with some awsome views over the valley, and city of Tucson.

Tomorrow is a rest day a gentle 50km spin up to the foot of Mt lemon again. Then next week
will be a harder week again.

The rest however will be welcome

heres the details

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