Sunday, February 21, 2010

back in the fridge

Well its back to the grind in the GTA.

But unperturbed I'll try to keep things rolling, race season is just around the corner, the sun was even out today.

Kept it busy this weekend with a 3x20x10 threshold interval session Saturday at my new FTP level, which hurt a lot!

20 mins at 340w, 3 times, although in fact i totally popped just into my third set but keep it going none the less despite the drop in power output, cause thats just how we roll right!?

Mental beefcake!!! or mentalist masochist perhaps...I feel that way sometimes.

Just gotta keep asking yourself "how much do you want it!?"

Ended dizzy and reeling, hypoglycaemic, shot, but satisfied. Got to remember to eat in the middle of those workouts.

Today was a simple tempo ride; 300w avg for 60mins.

Tomorrow I rest, then Tuesday its off to the bluffs for some VO2 max workouts on the climb!


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