Monday, February 8, 2010

Its like florida for cyclists

Today I woke up tired. The last week and especially the last two days had been hard for my body to assimilate.

A quick look at my training journal reveals and massive in crease in training load about 3-4x what i had been doing prior to turning up here. Which is cool but combined with dieting makes for a lot of stress for the body and mind to deal with.

Thankfully today was an easy day, just a short spin down to the local bike shop "miles ahead" where they sorted out Derek with a mini overhall and new chain for $10, shit!! now thats service.

After that I returned home for some nutrition and a afternoon nap before heading down to starfucks for a latte and some decent internet access.

tomorrow we start 2 a day training sessions morning intervals and afternoon spins about 140km in total a hard 90km and an easier 50km ....yeay!!!

anyway I'm starting to realize this place is like Florida for Canadian cyclists! we passed the Canadian woman's champion mountain biker on the road today taking in some winter miles, and Saturdays shoot out was full of Kunuks.

I guess its a bit like heading to Mecca.

heres todays files

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