Monday, February 15, 2010

Last day of Training Camp.

Well I'm writing this sat at the airport in Tucson after an amazing trip.

I'm sad to leave but happy to have been here and take home what I've picked up and learnt whilst being here.

Anyway I finished off the trip with a ride to the top of Mt Lemon, more or less, 21 miles of steady 4-7% gradient and up to 8000ft, from where i set of that was over 2000m of vertical ascent!

and to start it off i began with a 20min ITT to test me threshold power level again.

i hadn't meant to i planned on doing 3x20x 10 level 4 workouts, but after starting with a steady output of 370w and feeling fine i thought i might as well kick it for the last 10 mins and see if i could raise my peak levels.

I finished the 20 mins with an average power output of 375w which sets my FTP at a new high of 356w - 9w above my last season peak and although i've not weighed myself in a while i'm pretty sure i've lost a lot of weight being here so my overall power-weight ratio will be even higher than last year.

anyway after the hard slog up the climb i had the fun of a 21mile decent :0) racing pick-up trucks down the mountain at up wards of 72kmph sweet!!!!

anyway thats it trips over for this year now the really hard work begins, I've just got to make sure i continue with the workouts at threshold and VO2 max and keep up the weight loss.

Anyway Coach Mirek had some very encouraging words for me about my progress and potential (prefixed as usual with the mention of being too fat)

So i'm going to keep focused, work hard and see what happens this time next year.

anyway here is the details from yesterdays ride.

This time tomorrow I'll be in the snow and cold of Toronto again. wondering where the snow and daylight went. Glad I got those winter shoes finally before leaving. brrrrr.

first race is in 6weeks.....Good Friday road race.

hopefully i won't get dropped this year!

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