Thursday, February 4, 2010

day 2: if i was 150lbs i'd climb that fast as well

DAY 2: tempo followed by climbs.

today seemed harder but all the more enjoyable due to the sunshine making an apperance and the amazing scenary.

It was another 1000m+ vert day and just alittle over 100km at a fairly hard pace.

at time i was pushing 360w on a false flat holding my own on the front with the Cat I lads, thinking there is no way i'm going to be able to maintain this kind of output for another 3 hrs!!!

Then we hit our first major (for someone from ontario) climb, a long false flat then it kicked up to 4-5 % before ramping up to about 15% at the top. About 2 miles in total.

i'm begging to understand that yes i am indeed in cycling terms too fat! If i put 50lbs on the back of those kids i'd whip there ass on that climb...alas however it was the other way round.

still its early days and i love a challange.

also it was my first ride in the new bike posistion felt like my feet where floating! amazing difference!

tomorrows an easy day, then saturday is the local hammer fest! ...oh dear ;0)

heres the details of today.

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