Saturday, February 27, 2010

anaerobic hill reps

Snow cleared this afternoon, roads kind of cleared, i was getting antsy being stuck in all week

So i headed out for a short ride.

The cycle paths roads here were a mix of snow and icy puddles.

So i put out some short anaerobic hill reps close to home

6x 1min 40sec efforts (standing climbs in the big ring and the the time to top the short climb and sprint at the end)

averaging from 380w to 420w with roughly 6-7mins of easy spinning in between sets.

Whole session was done and dusted within an hour.

Tomorrow the roads will be clearer and the weather somewhat better so i'll risk doing some 3x20x10 FTP intervals down at the spit.

Springs around the corner, thanks goodness, all this snow is getting old.

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