Wednesday, February 10, 2010

active recovery

Today was a rain day, instead of the planned 150km ride we did a short 50km. I have to say I was happy about that my legs were toast today.

Anyway we missed the rain, which is a good cause with no drainage system when it rains here the streets become a river system.

instead i headed down to (Andy) Gilmore frames, a long term friend of Mirek, which was a treat! he had some really beautiful custom steel and Alu frames!

desire is a terrible mistress to have.....if i can sell a kidney before i leave, i would love to order a custom scandium frame.

sponsors are welcome ;0).

Anyway unfortunately missing one day of full training means i now have three days of hard riding to do, including the shoot-out Saturday.

I can see some humble pie coming to town...

Here's the details of today's ride

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