Friday, October 16, 2009

BAcK OnCE aGiAn! YeS ItS ThE INCREdAbLE!.... B.A.S.E.

Well they just couldn't hold him back it seems.

Taxi doors try and fail, and he merely bounces of the tarmac! Illness tries, and his Ex might even Hijack his favourite bike , but he just keeps on keeping on.

(I think they call it obsession)

Anyway regardless of the obstacles faced, I dragged myself out for a quick spin tonight after work. First time back out since getting this bug last week.

Hoping for some gentle but Mid length ride over the weekend, to catch the weather and the falling leaves before winter kicks us squarely in the nads and training rides become of a tortuous ordeal in sub zero snow fields than a blissful spin through golden Speckled lanes.

Heres the details (yes its working again, though I'm still waiting for my powertap to get back from the shop)

If any of you out there fancy a late morning ride to the countryside give me a bell!

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