Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You're either going well or theres a head wind!!!

Well after another hard day at work. More mud, sweat and tears underpinning (if you don't know don't ask, trust me! you don't want to know).

I braved the 37kmph NW winds (gusting to 50kmph) to do a short ride to the beaches and back. The great thing about this time of year is there is no one out on the cycle paths so you can bomb it all the way out to the spit, then crawl back home into the vicious head wind, dreaming of your post ride recovery treat.

Still I'm pretty happy with myself these days. Working 40 (feckin hard) hours a week, night school twice a week for 6 hours + home work, and keeping my training going as well!

And that's before maintaining a semblance of a social life!

Its at times like this you work out just how much you want it! (or not)

heres the stats.

Bring on the weekend, two long rides and some much needed recovery!!!

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