Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reasons to be motivated pt.1

Ok so here we go! Fall is upon us, summers heat and motivation is on the wain and I'm trying get geared up for a long winter of base training.

hopefully by posting all my highs and lows here for the world or at least myself to see. I'll be able to keep it all together until the season starts next April!.

anyway its started well, a broken index finger, the lingering feeling I'm about to get the flu bug that's been haunting all my work mates, and a greasy burger washed down by some motivational reading and a labats'50. Shit it tastes like water so it can't be that bad right?

but I did managed to drag myself out for a gentle spin to the beaches and spit in the afternoon.

so its not a complete washout right?

wish me luck!!!

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