Monday, October 12, 2009

OK which one of you was it!!!

OK so I started to feel it last night, creeping around the back of my throat and threatening my tonsils.

That subtle dryness and sense of impending doom I get all too often through out the training year.

I jump straight at it and start hitting the Cold FX and Vitamin C tablets, but i can feel its hovering over my system waiting for me to make the slightest know like drink beer, go for a ride, suck on the toilet bowl (I know the last one is a bit unlikely but I'm struggling to find other activities to use, I'm not tip top at the moment OK?)

And then it'll be on top of me, Gosh darn it!!!

I only just managed to avoid the flu bug that took out all my work mates two weeks ago, and now it feels like I might be getting tonsillitis.

So there goes the idea of a short spin to the beaches today, just another day indoors waiting for things to pass.

But where did I get it from? Was it when I took some of Robs gel? Or perhaps when Gilles helped me out with an extra water bottle? Or was it when I was just too lazy to get enough of that stuff sorted for my self after an impromptu night out and not enough sleep,

Sandwiched between two big days of training this weekend....

Oh gawd... I always seemed to be much healthier when I was unfit. ;0)

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