Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday training.

Well its been a funny day, the weather was a lot better and my motivation seems to be lifting along with my health. Along with my approx 30min each way cross town commute, i made the most of the sunshine to put in a couple of hours easy tempo after work.

Monday tempo ride

Not bad really 3hrs of riding and a day of work. I'm still debating renewing my gym membership to do some strength training, but seeing as for now i spend the days underpinning a house i think strength training is not really an issue, if anything my upper body is getting too big! I've put on around 8lbs in the last few weeks but my waist line remains the same (its a hard life) I could use a body composition test really to keep track of things.

For now I'm content that I'm getting back on track after a few slack weeks and a few beer binges, But hey come on it was the off season right!

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