Saturday, October 10, 2009

Through the goldern fields and freckled lanes North of Klienburg

Today was classic autumnal ride.

Blue skies, bright sunshine and a myriad of fall colours punctuating the country side....

I hooked up with Bruce, for a reasonably early start to the day so as to avoid the worst of the city traffic, and we headed north through the industrial estates until we made the cute little village of Klienburg, a regular staging post for my training rides through the year.

After a quick stop for the obligatory caffeine and muffin fix at the famous "coffee time" we headed out for a mix of quiet country roads and muddy dirt tracks.

Its one of the things i love about this time of year, a relatively high level of fitness coming off a hard season of training, but little or no training objectives, no intervals, no power training, just the freedom to ride and explore new ground.

And as Bruce had had the foresight to come prepared with his Aluminium Bianchi stead he was well up to explore some new uncharted dirt tracks (generally not recommended on your $7000 carbon poser bikes)

So we bimbled gently along for 6hours and 145km taking photos chatting about the state of the pro pelaton, the dangers faced on the road and what a pain in the arse it must be working with 8 woman in a small confined 10x8 room 40hrs a week (don't ask)

getting our bikes covered in mud and grit and generally having a wonderful day!

unfortunately having forgotten to delete the memory in my garmin 705 i can't save the history file from the ride and upload it here but oh well it not always about the stats right but the quality of experience...

Tomorrow is all about the Sunday donuts!! i'll keep you posted.

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