Monday, October 5, 2009

Fat man on a bike?

OK well I'm aware that cycling is giving me somewhat of a complex about my weight, but generally the tendency for anorexia is kept well in check by a massive appetite and a strong desire to chug ale after a ride.

Its carb loading OK! Its all about recovery.

However after a season of reoccurring illness I've become aware that pushing my body to the extremes I do within my training, requires I take a little more care about my nutritional intake, and with the long cold nights drawing in rapidly I also have to readjust my eating habits from the summer as my total riding hours drop from around 20hrs a week to somewhere around 10hrs.

So today I decided to become a little more pro active, in my nutritional habits, and after my ride tonight I popped to the supermarket to stock up on fresh vegetables and fruit. Gotta keep away from all that easy to access junk food!!!

Along with the new food regime I'll keep up taking my daily supplement in take which currently consists of:

1000 mg Vit C
2 multi vitamin tablets
50 mg Zinc
2000 UI Vit D
500 mg magnesium
And currently 2 Cold FX tablets

Generally washed down with a post ride or early morning mixed fruit and vanilla protein smoothie. Nice!

All of which have already had a marked improvement on my overall health.
Its also seen a reduction in my susceptibility to catching every flu bug going round (3-4 times a year was way to much to get ill) and helped me to overcome the issue I had with leg cramps towards the later part of races or longer training sessions this season.

Now if i could only stop crashing i might actually get somewhere next year!

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